What we do

At engineering firm Berkelaar Meet- en Regeltechniek (measurement and control technology) we provide R&D / product development / production from a single prototype to small production series. This varies from custom small electronic products to complete machines, where our mechanical and electrical systems are integrated with software. We would like to take challenging and diverse projects to increase our technological knowledge, to be able to serve a broad market.

Complete Systems
Specialized Products
For our clients we develop and build specialized products in the industry and infotainment sector.
Software & ElectricalHigh Level Software; (web) encryption, user interfaces, debug interfaces, commissioning softwareFirmware; real time measurement and control, over the air firmware updates (bootloader), remote management, IMU / stabilisation / levelling
User InterfacesMultiple communication possibilities; GPS, GPRS, Ethernet, RS232, Microgrids, etc
Base Electronics; 32 bit Arm microcontrollers, multiple communication modes, all kinds of sensors
Base Electronics
Mechanical Sub Systems
For example tensioning elements, sheet metal parts, milling parts, etcPrototypingConceptual design, production / assembly drawing / internal or external production / CE documentationSmall Series Products
High performance systems

Our Team

Berkelaar Meet- en Regeltechniek is founded by Wiebe Berkelaar when he was still studying Aerospace Engineering (Control and Simulation) at Delft University of Technology. Armin Oonk (Control and Simulation) joined the company in 2009 with the joint graduation project (indoor Quadrotor UAV ). In this joint graduation project another project started: design and build exhibits for the Science Centre Delft. For designing and drafting these exhibits, Jorrit Scharloo (Architecture, Delft University of Technology) joined the company in 2009.

Due to increased number of projects two new employees are attracted in 2012: Auke Louiset BSc (Delft University of Technology, Computer Science, Software Technology) for (embedded) software development and Johannes Dijkman BSc (Architecture, Delft University of Technology) for (structural) drawings.


  • Research & Development
  • Design & Production
  • (Embedded) software development
  • (Embedded) hardware development
  • Technical Projectmanagement
  • CE documentation / Risk Analysis

ir Wiebe Berkelaar
TU Delft Aerospace Engineering
Control & Simulation

ir Armin Oonk
Engineer (Embedded) Software
TU Delft Aerospace Engineering
Control & Simulation

ir Jorrit Scharloo
Engineer Mechanical Design
TU Delft Architecture
R-MIT (Restauration, Modification, Intervention & Transformation)

Auke Louiset BSc
(Embedded) Software
TU Delft Computer Science
Software Technology

Johannes Dijkman BSc
TU Delft Architecture


Our hardware branch is quite diverse; from certified high performance force feedback joysticks for the training of Airbus pilots to technical exhibits in museums. From the talking indoor robot Rudolf to voice controlled coffee machines. From electronics for control panels to developing a flexible floor buildup near zero degrees for a snow hall in Jeddah.

On the basis of the wishes of the customer, we create a conceptual model and develop it further to production drawings. In-house, we assemble and document for CE certification. We also have experience with outsourcing of the mass production of printed circuit boards (1000 + per month).

Airbus Sidesticks
PCB design

Tags: CE-certification, monodrawings, assemblydrawings, prototype development, custom-pcb, control electronics, steppermotor and servomotor, sensor, control


Software is an integral part for hardware. We create software on embedded and PC level.

We write low level embedded software for real time control of microcontrollers (eg for reading and controlling motors and sensors, but also for example (encrypted) datacommuicatie in microgrids using ZigBee stack).

Also we write high level embedded software for operating systems lika Android and Raspberry. For example, with this software we can control a coffee machine or commission a batch of electronic circuits.

To control machinery and exhibits, we make GUI software for Windows and Linux.


Tags: C, C#, C++, Python, Java, QT, Arduino, php.

Research and consultancy

With our extensive experience in engineering and our technical background we offer realistic (technical) feasibility studies to our clients. For example, examining the possibilities to automatically clean the roof underside of Rotterdam Central Train Station.

Tags: feasibility studies, consultancy, research, high-tech