What is BASV?

BASV is our new friday afternoon project (or spare evening/weekend hours). We want to create an Autonomous Surface Vehicle, so BASV stands for BerkelaarMRT Autonomous Surface Vehicle. In fact it can be seen as a robot-sailboat. On this blog you can find our success (failures?) of this project.


The inspiration for the project comes from some previous work. During Graduation we (Wiebe&Armin) build a Quadrotor UAV. On the internet we saw a lot of different projects with autonomous vehicle when we saw SCOUT transatlantic we decided we also want to build something similar. A big difference is we intend to harness the power of the wind.

There are some different projects on the internet which are very interresting (random order):

Being Aerospace Engineers we can not simply use some pieces of cloth to sail. We found an interesting concept called "Self Trimming wing sail"


"Build a sailing vehicle which can autonomously follow waypoints."

This means developing:

  • boat
  • wing sail
  • electronics
  • sailing logic
  • waypoint following


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