Reactor Instituut Delft / Sublima | nov 2013 - jul 1014

The Reactor Institute Delft researches PET/MR technology in an international consortium (Sublima). For a scientific research test setup we developed the electronic components that are controlled by LabVIEW and a self-developed user interface.

For the scientific research test setup we built a custom system cabinet to control a.o. 7 stepper motors with incremental encoders. The motors and sensors are controlled by LabVIEW and made accessible to the end users through a self developed user interface.

The stepper motors can be switched on and off without losing their positions. This is achieved by the encoders used and our developed control electronics. Other alternatives, such as a servo system with absolute encoders, did not fit in the hardware setup of the client.

The motors are switched off during the sensitive measurements to mitigate the risk for possible interference. The measurements can take multiple days, where the sensors rotate around the test samples.