IDT / TRI / CEAL | nov 2013 - huidig

Besides the GlareSim a RainSim is added to the Driverlab module. The effect of adverse weather conditions is simulated by spraying water on the windshield of the Audi A3.

After a successful research project in collaboration with IDT the electronics and control system is further designed. BerkelaarMRT handles the electronics and system control and IDT provides the mechanical elements.

Rain System

Special nozzles distribute water evenly across the windshield of the test car (Audi A3). The water is collected as much as possible and stored in a water tank. A pump transports the water back to the nozzles. In the RainSim, the pressure, flow and nozzle selection is controlled by a self-developed system. This system can be controlled by the main CEAL host computer.

The project is still work in progress, so new information and pictures will be added later.

Interior View
Exterior View