Science Centre Delft | aug 2014 - oct 2014

The existing AiroCAM exhibit has a new control and charging system. The existing GUI is replaced by a new, end user updateable, system.



A visitor controls a camera at the operating console. This camera moves inside a transparent tube that is suspended from the ceiling. This way, the visitor can see himself or herself from a third person bird’s eye view. Also the other exhibits can be seen from this camera.

The operating console displays the camera video signal. By moving the joystick up and down the camera rotates around its axis. By moving the joystick left and right, the camera moves along the ceiling.

On top of the video signal display, a graphical user interface is placed where the visitor can see more information about the exhibits.


Charging System

The charging system is placed in the basement. This way, docking with the charger is gravity assisted. The excess static electricity is discharged before commencing charging. As a result, the electronics remain protected.

Pump control

The capsule moves through a transparent tube; the same system that is used in pneumatic post systems. A centrifugal pump moves air through the tube.

Camera control

Inside the capsule there is a a camera which can rotate. This movement is controlled wirelessly from the operating console. Also the video signal from the camera is transmitted to this console.


User Interface

The user interface consists of the camera image and topic icons. By pressing an icon, more information is displayed in the centre of the screen.

By projecting the camera image in the background, the user interface looks like a heads up display.

The Science Centre Delft wants to keep the used techniques visible, therefore the top status icons displays the system processes. This is also useful in debugging, because the basement is difficult to reach.


Photo Sensor Inactive

Capsule Detected

Camera Inactief

Camera Up

Camera Down

Capsule charging

Capsule launching

Capsule ready

Battery capsule empty

Animation: Charging / Still: Battery Charge

Pump inactief



Erro: Wireless communication capsule lost

Animation: Wireless communication capsule active

Error: No communication cabinet

Cabinet connected


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