Egripment | jan 2013 - sep 2015 (intermittent)

The new carbon fibre camera crane Xtreme T10 is ready for the IBC 2015, developed in co-operation with Egripment.

The T10 is the little brother of the Xtreme T12. The driving mechanism is simplified and the carbon segments are made from one piece. All the unnecessary details are left out and the remaining parts are made as simple as possible. The production costs are greatly reduced compared to the T12. By using recessed v-rails, the crane is much more quiet than its competitors.

We also redesigned the leveling system of the head. A new servo system is placed with a custom PCB to control this system. The head is self calibrating and reacts quickly on angle accelerations of the camera crane.



Arm Reach

2100 - 7500 mm

Operational Length

4260 - 9670 mm

Height (max)

7500 mm

Height (min)

- 3640 mm

Maximum Load

45 kg