Takamoto Biogas | jul 2013

During the development for Devergy we came in contact with Takamoto Biogas. They offer prepaid biogas in Kenya! For Takamoto we are now supplying the electronics and software.

Energy Problem

Rising energy costs is a problem in the world. For some parts in this world energy costs are a big part of the disposable income. For example in Kenya. Deforestation and the increased demand for fuel makes energy costs a daily concern for many Kenyans. They depend on energy for the most basic needs of cooking and lighting.

An answer for this problem can be found at the Kenyan farmers who keep animals. By collecting animal excrement in underground biogas systems provided by Takamoto, fertile manure can be used to improve food production. This manure can also be used for the production of biogas, which can be used for cooking and to power lighting and waterpumps.

Pay As You Go (PAYG) Biogas

The biogas systems will be loaned to the farmer and is maintained by Takamoto Biogas. This allows farmers to decide how much gas (and thus money) they want to spend on energy itself. As a result, the introduction of biogas has a low threshold.

What needs to be done

We are helping Takamoto Biogas with registering the biogas used. These data are sent to a central system via SMS. The farmers can raise their balance through the SMS service.