Science Centre Delft | may 2012- feb 2013

With the movie kiosk a visitor can give feedback of the Science Centre in the form of a movie clip and filling in a questionaire. Other user generated content is available to view.


Our client wanted something that can be used as a lectern and a movie kiosk where visitors can give feedback of their stay at the Science Centre.

For this purpose we changed an existing tool trolley and placed a special lectern desk on top of this trolley. In this desk are a multitude of symbols engraved which are lit in every color possible. The visitor operates the movie kiosk by a touch screen that is integrated into the desk.

Of course, not every submitted movie is directly visible for other visitors. Staff must approve the movie clips first before they come available for the eyes and ears of the young visitors.


The 90 RGB-LEDs are controlled independently. Multiple effects are programmed to strengthen the visual experience of the user interface.

For this exhibit custom software in Visual C# is developed that can record and show user generated movie clips in a user interface. The questionnaire answers are kept in a log book that the client can use for data-analysis.

The software is in direct control of the embedded subsystem, which can control the RGB-LEDs in real time.