MusCom, Animo | sep 2012 - may 2013

This talking coffee machine reacts to a thirsty visitor in the Museum for Communication and asks what the visitor would like to drink.

We were contacted by the Museum of Communication in the Hague to see if BerkelaarMRT could build a coffee machine that is operated only by voice.

The interactive coffee machine is based on a coffee maker made by Animo with the ability to make coffee, tea, cappuccino or espresso.

When anyone walks up to the coffee machine, a Maxbotix sonar module detects their presence and a small animated coffee cup asks what they’d like to drink. The cute little cup then prepares the drink and waits for its next human. The coffee machine likes to talk, and will gossip during the day.

The voice is generated by Text To Speech recognition and images shown on the tablet illustrate the choices made by the visitor.

On the door of Animo's coffee machine a strong housing protects the Motorola Xoom 10’. The graphics for the GUI is provided by Peerdrops.

Hack A Day has devoted an article to this machine.

  • Strong housing of polycarbonate and anodized aluminum
  • Android tablet connected to the internet
  • Coffee machine by Animo
  • Graphics by Peerdrops
  • Maxbotix sonar module for detection
  • Camera module coupled to improve detection


Museum voor Communicatie