IDT / TRI / CEAL | nov 2013 - current

In the new payload, Driverlab, the driving capabilities of mainly elderly people are being tested. The DriverLab consists of an Audi A3 on top of a turntable in a dome on a hexapod motion base. To make it more challenging, a glare simulator is incorporated in the design. [NL]

Visual Constraints

To simulate the blinding effect of upcoming headlights, a line of high intensity white LED panels is used. One of the challenging aspects of this glare simulator (GlareSim) is that it must be outside the visual range of the driver’s eye when not in use.

Spatial Constraints

The space available for the GlareSim is very limited due to the curved nature of the dome and motion envelope of the rotating Audi A3. When folding in and out, this requirement is not applicable.

Conceptual Design

For the conceptual design several concepts are developed. With a weighted objective method and the client’s wishes one conceptual design made it through the preliminary design phase.

Folding Lever

Rotating Actuator



The folding lever was selected for the PDR. Selection and calculation of the belts, pulleys and all relevant other parts were conducted.

And further developed for the critical design phase.

Critical Design

Stage 1 (the main two big levers) is rotated by two synchronous Parker ETH032 actuators. The main pulley is grounded on the main hinge (stage 0) and drives a timing belt to rotate stage 2. The same pirnciple is used to rotate stage 3.

Currently we are producing the Glare Simulator.

First Fold Test

First folding test by hand

Folding test with actuators

Folding test with actuators