Multi Pilot Simulations B.V.| sep 2012 - jan 2013

Design and production of Airbus Sidesticks. These realistic force feedback handles are for certified Flight Simulation Training Devices [FSTD] to train Airbus pilots. [NL]

The sidesticks are in-house designed and built in a very short development time. The tight integration of the mechanical design and the control electronics, the exact feeling of the Airbus handles and the difficult space constraints made this project a challenging one.

The movement and the feeling of the handle is an exact replica of the real Airbus side sticks and is an unique selling point for MPS.

The sidestick assemblies are made as an “user replaceable part” and fits in the original Airbus cockpit construction. The end user only has to connect power and communications.

When starting up the simulator the Airbus side stick assemblies are calibrated. The communication with the simulation software is via UDP on a 30 Hz refresh rate. Among others the angles and forces of the handle are exchanged between the HOST and the device.

The Airbus sidestick devices are calibrated with a factory setting, but the HOST can overwrite among others the forces during deflection of the stick and the amount of damping.

Dimensions 400x250x670
Mass 24 Kg
Power Requirements 12A@230VAC /
I/O RJ-45 Ethernet Communications
D-SUB 9 Serial Triggers

First Production Run (2012)

First Production Run (2012)